Want to improve workplace efficiency? Empower your employees to communicate better.

Interpersonal training or Communication Skills Training is essential to increase overall workplace efficiency no matter if you are a new recruit, a project manager or the CEO.

What communication skills training does is it empowers employees to communicate effectively both horizontally and vertically through the chain of command. This means executives are able to express their vision coherently, upper management are better able to deal with difficult staff, and sales professionals are able to close more deals - all resulting in mitigating risk caused by communication barriers and improving the organization's bottom line.

"The art of communication is the language of leadership" ~ James Humes

Half-day, Full-day or Multiple Day Engagements as Per Your Needs

Corporate Seminars, Workshops and Keynotes

Take Home Value

Customized to your organization's unique needs, here's an overview of what you can expect.
Your customized Piccone Coaching communication skills training presentation will teach your staff how to:

  • Articulate information clearly and effectively
  • Build genuine influence and authentic trust
  • Be assertive but not aggressive
  • Practice empathy when dealing with difficult people and conversations
  • Handle tough situations with poise and finesse
  • Motivate employees, ignite passion and increase productivity
  • Unite around one collective goal, collaborate and succeed
One-on-One Custom Coaching Sessions

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Communication Skills Training Consulting

Rally employees. Get more done.

Each organization has its own unique communication challenges. Mario is deeply committed to helping companies identify gaps in communication and develop custom strategies to bridge those gaps, leading to increased work efficiency and higher employee work satisfaction.

No project is too big or too small. Mario can come in and provide communication skills training advice for as little as a few hours or take on a complex project spanning over a few months. Through his organization-specific advanced communication skills consulting and real-world practical training you can improve employee communication across the board.
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  • Gino Strangis, Associate Broker
    Over the years, I have attended many ‘sales’ programs and they have been good in that I learned many sales techniques that have helped me however, I now realize that knowledge is something that we all obtain over time but true success, which seems to elude so many of us is really a ‘state of mind’ that is lived every day and formed by your daily habits. This program is a MUST for young people (the sooner the better)…but also for the more experienced because it will help you identify and change those unproductive habits that get formed over time without us even realizing it. Don’t’ wait for this to come to ‘a theatre near you’, pursue and seek out this program.
    Gino Strangis, Associate Broker
    Brokers Trust Insurance Group Inc.
  • Joseph Carnevale, CIP
    "Mario gets you thinking and working outside of your comfort zone. As the Director of Sales for my Insurance Brokerage, I can tell you that I have seen the difference in my Sales Team in only 4 weeks of sessions. Mario knows the secrets to success and is happy to share it with his clients. I highly recommend Mario's services."
    Joseph Carnevale, CIP
    Director of Sales & Associate Broker
  • Claudio Ciavarella
    "I have had the pleasure of participating in the Thinking Into Results program facilitated by Mario Piccone and it is without hesitation that I recommend this program to any corporation and or individual looking to get away from stagnation and grow into the direction of success. As soon as I began the program, I knew I would learn things that would change my life and our business...and it has. Thank you Mario for your insight and ability to break down the walls!"
    Claudio Ciavarella
    CFO Aquatech Power and Dewatering Inc.
  • Peggy Caruso
    "It was an honor and a privilege to have met and utilized the services of Mario Piccone while attending the Matrixx, in Canada.  Although the length of the trip was only six days, Mario’s services as a facilitator far exceeded my expectations.  Upon arriving at the Matrixx I thought I was very clear with my vision/goal; however, Mario’s coaching skills left me with a new perspective both personally and professionally.  He provided the necessary tools and techniques to assist me in reaching my desired outcome.  Mario combines his expertise as a facilitator/coach with compassion, which will ultimately assist anyone in the discovery of overcoming obstacles to reach success.  I highly recommend his services to anyone who desires change and seeks balance."
    Peggy Caruso

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